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"If you've never used our Plan Management APP before, you'll be pleasantly surprised..."

Most people try to pay their own NDIS invoices - but it is a time-consuming and technical process...

Dear NDIS participant,

If you’re like most people, then you’re probably achieving some form of success by doing your own NDIS invoicing

That's definitely a good solution. However, it is the old way of doing things that is labour-intensive for you or whoever does it.

But there’s one huge, looming problem
It's hard to keep track of the invoices and payments 
You know what I’m talking, about right?

Managing invoices is like being an accountant and very time-consuming and brain-draining work.

If you wanted to spend your life storing and paying invoices, you would have studied to be a bookkeeper, right?

It’s enough to make you want to give up?

But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way

Imagine if we could do everything for you using our software and app at no cost! to you instead of the old way.  Would that interest you?

Participants in the National Disability Insurance System (NDIS) can synchronize their funding and appointments with Service Providers, Support Coordinators, and Plan Managers using the Project Make Lemonade APP and Software.

The following are 3 reasons why Project Make Lemonade Plan Management is the best way to have your NDIS Invoices sorted in a timely and stress-free manner...

  Reason 1#. See your funding budgets in real time.

    The ability to view your funding budgets anytime, day or night, eliminates a lot of guesswork      and makes it a painless process.

  Reason 2#.  Determine whether your funds are being used in a timely manner.

     View where your funds are being spent and learn how to use your NDIS funding to                maximize your value for money and to provide you with the right amount of care.

  Reason 3#. Know when and who you will be meeting with for your next appointment.

     You no longer have to remember when your next NDIS appointment is and who will be             providing the service; simply check your phone to stay on time.

The Plan Management App provides you with everything you need to make the NDIS invoice payments process more efficient and effective!

It is clear that switching from manual NDIS invoice payments to Project Make Lemonade's Automated Plan Management App offers many benefits. You can join today by simply leaving your details below. You will then be contacted by your new Plan Manager who will guide you through the process of getting started ...

Kind Regards Haylee Lock (Your Partner in NDIS Plan Management)

P.S. Once you get started with Project Make Lemonade Plan Management, your only regret will be not starting sooner.

P.P.S. Remember, it's free and you won't be charged anything extra, so why not sign up today?

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Plan management is simply a third party performing ‘financial intermediary’ support, that is we pay the bills so you don’t have too. Your plan manager is a connection between you - the participant, your chosen providers and the NDIA. Their’s is soley a financial service and their job is to receive and pay invoices on your behalf for services rendered by claiming money from relevant budget categories outlined in your plan, they must also provide reports at a client’s request that document summary of expenditure and the current budget totals remaining. Project Make Lemonade provide portal access to your account so you can see at a glance your budget balances, but of course you can call us and we will happily relay the information to you.



Check your NDIS Plan it will tell you if you need to engage a Plan Manger,  if your are;


No you don’t need to engage a plan manager, NDIA is your only authorised plan manager and will do this for you.


Yes you do need to engage a registered plan manager but you can choose who you wish to work with


The choice is yours! You can chose to engage a plan manager or mange the processing, claiming and payment of accounts yourself

Rules & Regulations

  • Plan managers must have a financial qualification.

  • They must be impartial and not pressure you to use specific providers to mitigate conflict of interest.

  • Ongoing service

  • Fixed fees regardless of the volume of administration required for your plan. 

Implementation & Budgeting

  • So you don’t have to use the NDIS portal

  • Provides monthly account activity reports as requested

  • You have most of the choice and control of Self Management without the administrative burden

  • You can buy supports from non-NDIS registered providers (like Jim’s Mowing, local community members or organisations and Therapists who have chosen not to register).

We prefer the personal approach with our complimentary initial get-together, call us on 1300 866 013



A provider supports you to manage funding in your NDIS plan through plan management. Such providers are known as plan managers. Plan management differs from having your NDIS plan funded by the NDIA or by self-managing it. Please contact us for more information.

We also offer support workers in Gold Coast, Ballina and Tweed Heads as well as support coordinators in Gold Coast Ballina and Tweed Heads.