Track your NDIS spend with the Careview Advantage App

We've teamed up with the Careview Advantage App, to help you track your NDIS funding, and stay up to date with all that happens within your NDIS plan.

The Careview Advantage App enables NDIS participants to synchronize their funding and appointment schedules with their Service Providers, Support Coordinators, and Plan Managers.

With Care view Advantage, Australians that are living with a disability now have access to view their information in real-time.

  • View your funding budgets

  • View each budget category

  • Gain insight into whether your funding is being utilized in a timely manner

  • Always know what time your next appointment is and who will be providing the service.

Participants of Project Make Lemonade are set up with free access to the Careview Advantage app, upon initial sign-up with our Plan Management service.

If you require any further information or would like to get started with our Plan Management service, please contact us