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Nicole has been with PML for over a year now and love support work. To brighten someone’s day or help them move forward and achieve their goals and dreams, whatever they are, or just to be by your side for a bit of comfort means a lot to her. She is also currently studying for a Diploma in Community Services and has her own business on the side designing and selling biodegradable lunchboxes.

Walking, gardening, crafting, art, cooking, animals, nature, the beach, fun activities, meeting new people, and making someone’s day, fills my boots : )


If you’d ask her family and friends they would say Nicole is kind and caring, creative, very positive, fun and loving.


Working for PML and her clients has been colorful and wonderful. It has humbled and inspired her, even more, to lend a helping hand when someone needs it.



KERRI TIMOTHY- Support Worker


Kerri's son- Cody was born with Autism and an underlying Syndrome, she believes he has made her who she is today.

Kinder more patient and understanding but most of all void of any judgment 


Through her love and support on Cody’s journey, she has developed both professional and personal experience and knowledge and a lot of funny stories as well as tears.

Kerri has a Cert 4 in special needs.

She started working within a school setting supporting children with disabilities 

Her passion in early intervention and informing and supporting parents and their children led her to early childcare.

She also has a Diploma in children's services, dedicated 20 years to children and their families.

Forming life long connections built on trust and respect and positive communication 


Kerri completed her Diploma in Community services because she felt the need to connect to my community

To give and support others around her, to be a friend, help others feel connected and heard, and reach their goals.




LEXI KING- Support Worker


Lexi has her Cert III in Health Services Assistance (nursing in acute care) which she completed during school. She finished high school 2 years ago and was previously working as a carer in an aged care facility.

She loved her time at this job as she love helping people in any way that she can and forming connections with the residents was very rewarding. Her goal is to go to University in the near future to complete my Bachelor of Nursing as it is something she has always been passionate about.

Lexi is a kind and caring person and has always known that providing care and support for people is what she wants to do. She has been described as by her peers as a motivated and diligent worker.  She is always willing to learn and expand on her skill set. Her goals are to be able to make her clients smile and help them achieve their own goals.


JYE MILLWOOD- Support Worker


Jye currently works with PML and independently as a disability support worker. He also co-facilitates the SidebySide4Teens group at Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre, which is a social support group for teens/youth with ASD or who struggle socially.

He has certificates in Education Support and Early Childhood Education and Care. He has previously worked as a Youth mentor, After-school care educator, Teacher’s aide, and Outdoor education mentor.

One of his passions is working with and making a difference for the youth in our local community. he has been involved with Headspace for many years as a member of their Youth Advisory Group, as well as Cabarita Youth Service as a Youth Mentor and Committee member.

Her has a particular interest in working with adults and teens/youth with ASD. This is due to the fact of having lived and grown up within an ASD family environment and having lots of close contact with ASD.

Jye started doing support work because he has always enjoyed helping people and making a difference in their lives, no matter how big or small. Since starting as a support worker a year ago, He have enjoyed every second of it and has met some amazing people along the way.




Tabetha started caring and people when covid hit after managing restaurants her whole life. She was so great with people that she also did some Ubering on the side as she loves a great chat and making people happy.

She loves working with people and never knew she had a passion for this work until she was forced into it, now she wishes she had done it her whole life.

Tabetha has experience in catheter care, lifting, social, feeding, cooking, cleaning, washing, sleepovers and let’s not forget FUN.

People describe her as loyal, funny, attentive and her best quality is entertaining and caring, she will help you forget your worries and enjoy the day, she loves a good chat and has many funny stories from her life, people often say she should write a book.



FREDDIE   - Support Worker

Freddie is one of the first support workers for PML since the begining. He had experience in personal care when he was 15 years old while he was taking care of his father till he passed away. He really enjoys taking care of others and it is a part of who he is today, as it was something he grew up doing.


Freddie has safe reliable transport, which he can take clients out in the community or to their appointments.


Freddie has NDIS screening check and has worked with young and older people with disabilities. He is caring, patient and understanding which is very important to have when working as a support worker.

People described that Freddie as a good cook and have a good sense of humor which he can support his clients and help them to enjoy lives.


warren cass_edited.jpg

WARREN CASS   - Support Worker

Warren is a very caring, patient and enthusiastic person who is passionate about support work, with his calm nature and other attributes which is a natural for this work.


Warren loves running, cooking, camping and cars especially his old school muscles. He loves all sports in general and he is obsessed by food.


XON GILLESPIE - Support Worker

Xon is originally from Guatemala, Central America. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and a little bit of Indonesian. Growing up in Guatemala and seeing poverty all around caused him to feel empathy and sympathy. His parents always help people out in their own pockets and he and his brothers are always encouraged to do the same.

Xon loves to cook and experiment with new recipes, he loves animals, especially dogs and cats. And he loves taking his dog for a walk on the beach on nice days.

Xon 's father suffered a stroke in 2019 which affected the left side of his body.Therefore, much of care and rehabilitation was taken on by himself. This encouraged him to pursue a career in Physiotherapy.

TONIA  - Support Worker

Tonia is an effective team worker who adds complementary skills and contributes a caring nature to all carers and residents. For her, it is being able to help the residents with all their daily needs as a regular shift carer. This means from showering, toileting, dressing, feeding to entertainment and physio pr just make time to sit and listen to them as they have a great wealth of knowledge to impact.

Awareness of the needs of residents with dementia. Ability to work with residents with emotional, physical, and/ or intellectual disabilities. Effective communication with residents, their families and fellow carers. Use of hoists assisted feeding, Team Leader/ Medication in Dementia Ward. Showering, shaving and personal hygiene of residents. Ability to work with other staff members effectively and with respect.