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Cahrizma C

Support Worker

Hi there,

I am Cahrizma Support Worker here at Project Make Lemonade. My background is in Mental Health, Disability, and Community Services.

As a result of my work at Project Make Lemonade, I have achieved a wide variety of personal and career goals, and I have developed into a motivated, hard-working individual. I have developed a strong client base that has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills considerably. Because of this, I have had amazing opportunities and get to put my best foot forward every day at work.

My specialties include mental health and intellectual disabilities with children, adolescents, and adults.

With a sense of humor and a person-centered approach, I am able to assist our participants in reaching their NDIS and life goals.

Anything related to leisure and physical sports is a major hobby of mine, including the beach, walking, riding, running, surfing, coffee dates, and arts and crafts.

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